Saturday, January 19, 2013

Inside "What's up with Catalonia?"

Catalonia Press is excited to announce the imminent publication of What's up with Catalonia? a collection of 35 essays from leading Catalan thinkers, politicians, journalists, and other professionals, written especially for a non-Catalan audience, in English.

As you can see in the list below, the collaborators are an extremely illustrious group and the topics they are addressing will give non-Catalan readers a much better grasp of the situation in Catalonia. You can also download a PDF of the list. Please share it!

Our crowdfunding campaign at Verkami is designed to both help us finance the distribution of the book directly to libraries, newspapers, and politicians all over the world, as well as to raise awareness of the project among Catalans, who can share it with their friends and family outside of Catalonia. After four days, we are half of the way to our goal.

We want the world to know what is happening in Catalonia. Please like our page on Facebook, and spread the word in any way you can.

 What's up with Catalonia?
List of collaborators/articles
Ignasi AragayJournalist
The Battle over the audience: language, politics, and culture
Laia BalcellsAssistant Professor of Political Science at Duke University and affiliated researcher at the Institut d’Anàlisi Econòmica, CSIC (Barcelona)
Opening the black box of secessionism
Germà BelProfessor of Economics at the University of Barcelona. Visiting Professor at Cornell University and Princeton University in 2012-2013.
Strangers in their own land
Laura BorràsProfessor of Literary Theory and Comparative Literature at University of Barcelona. Director of the Institution of Catalan Literature.
Non-nationalist independentism
Alfred BoschWriter and historian; MP for ERC (pro-independence Republican left) in Spanish Congress of Deputies in Madrid
Judo in Madrid
Núria BoschProfessor of Economics at the University of Barcelona
The Viability of Catalonia as a state: fiscal flows
Roger Buch i RosWriter and Professor at Ramon Llull University
The CUP: the oldest—and newest—pro-independence party
Joan CanadellGeneral Secretary of the Cercle Català de Negocis (Catalan Business Circle)
The Catalan Business Model: past, present, and future
Pau CanaletaPolitical and business strategist
What happened on November 25th?
Salvador CardúsProfessor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and journalist
What has happened to us Catalans?
Muriel CasalsProfessor of Economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, President of Òmnium Cultural
From Culture to politics via the economy
Andreu DomingoDeputy Director of the Centre for Demographics Studies at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
Catalonia, land of immigrants
Carme Forcadell LluísPresident of the Catalan National Assembly, professor and consultant
Catalonia, New State in Europe
Josep Maria GanyetComputer engineer, new media professor and entrepreneur. Net activist and would-be poet.
Keep Calm and Speak Catalan
Salvador Garcia-RuizCo-founder of Emma Network and former consultant, investment banker, and film entrepreneur.
To my Spanish friends
Àlex HinojoWikipedian, Museum Consultant and Open Culture Advocate
Yet Another Wiki?
Edward HughIndependent macroeconomist, expert on the European Sovereign Debt Crisis, member of board of directors of Catalunya Caixa bank.
Is the perfect always and everywhere the enemy of the good?
Oriol JunquerasPresident of Republican Left of Catalonia. Opposition Leader in Catalan Parliament.
2013: The Transition Year Toward the Referendum on Independence
M. Carme JunyentProfessor of General Linguistics at the University of Barcelona
The Languages of the Catalans
J.C. MajorCo-founder of Emma Network, New York-based linguist
On the prickly matter of language
Pere Mayans BalcellsProfessor of Secondary Catalan Language and Literature Education, Director of the Language Immersion and Welcome Service
Schooling in Catalonia, a key element for guaranteeing equal linguistic opportunities for the entire population (1978-2012)
Josep M. MuñozHistorian and Editor of the magazine L’Avenç
News from Catalonia
Mary Ann NewmanWriter and translator
Americans (Heart) Catalonia: A geometric progression
Elisenda PaluzieProfessor and Dean of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona
The Finances of the Catalan government: a premeditated asphyxia
Vicent PartalFounder and Director of Vilaweb, Vice-president of the European Journalism Center
Our place in the world: The land of Barcelona
Cristina Perales-GarcíaProfessor of Communication, University of Vic (Catalonia)
How did we get here? A look at the recent history of Catalonia and the Basque Country within Spain
Eva PiquerWriter, Cultural journalist, mother of four, Member of the Catalan Parliament
Time to say “Yes”
Enric Pujol CasademontProfessor in the Department of Modern and Contemporary History at the Autonomous University of Barcelona
Wilson, Obama, Catalunya and Figueres
Marta Rovira-MartínezPhD in Sociology from Autonomous University of Barcelona. Researcher and documentarian.
September 11th (1714) and other national symbols of Catalonia
Vicent SanchisProfessor in journalism at Ramon Llull University, Editor/Publisher of El Temps magazine, columnist and author
Catalonia or Catalan Countries?
Xavier SolanoDiplomatic adviser in London and political aide to Scottish MPs in the UK Parliament
A Scottish referendum for Catalonia
Miquel StrubellWorked in Catalan language government body for 19 years, and currently at the Open University of Catalonia
Language in education
Matthew TreeAnglo-Catalan writer
Catalan language literature: What’s going on?
Ramon TremosaMember of the European Parliament since 2009
Catalonia, new state in Europe? The view from Brussels
F. Xavier VilaDirector of the University Centre for Sociolinguistics and Communication and Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona
It’s always been there. The Position of Catalan and other languages in Catalonia

Download the PDF of the list of collaborators and articles in What's up with Catalonia?

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